Shed Ramp

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I just realized that I forgot to show pictures of the ramp that Rob built for the shed.  Hey, he has to be able to wheel his lawnmower and snow blower in there!

Here’s the beginning; he laid out some boards vertically.  He had to dig into the ground a bit, to sink the boards into the ground.

Here’s the ramp.  Wheeee!

Handy Boy has been riding his bike over the edges of the ramp.  Fun, fun!

For photos of our shed construction, click here:

Platform for the shed

The beginnings of the shed

The shed walls go up

Framing out the roof

More roof work, and windows

Putting shingles on the shed roof

Hanging up trim on the shed

Organizing in the Shed

Shed Doors

Shed Vinyl Siding

Still to come: What’s IN the shed? (Aren’t you curious?) and: Running wiring to the shed.



Shed Vinyl Siding (and Giveaway Winner)


Congratulations to the winner of a $30 Home Depot Gift card, commenter #3, Mary J!  I used a “random number generator” that I found online.  Mary, see your email.  🙂 Congratulations!

Random numbers generated Oct 3 2010 at 12:5:18

Those things are so cool! I showed it to Handy Boy, and we played with it by entering in ginormous numbers to see what number it would choose.  For our little contest, I just entered in 1-8.

Also, thank you all for the ideas and suggestions for future posts on this site.  I am writing them down.  I did see mudrooms mentioned twice; unfortunately, we don’t have a mudroom in this house!  This house is just a “‘box” with very few details, except for the ones we’ve added.  We have doors that enter right into rooms, which makes cleaning up after the dirt, snow, sand and MUD here in New England a lot of work.  Oh, what I would give for a mud room! However, I can talk about how we work around all that.

Here are photos of the vinyl siding on the shed.  Handy Man has been bugging me to show these.

Remember when the shed was being framed:

Ta daaaaa!  Here it is with vinyl siding.  I helped Handy Man to hold up the ends while he nailed the pieces in with his pneumatic roofing nail gun.

…and here’s the back.  That silver piece is for exhaust for the generator.  Handy Man will be moving our generator into the shed.  More to come on that project.

To see more photos and posts about how Handy Man built this shed, click here.

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Shed Doors


Here is Rob working on the door framing for the shed.  He is cutting out notches in the trim for the door hinges.

The doors are in, woo woo!!  Now, it’s time to put in the door knobs and locks…

Rob has to put an additional piece between the doors, but at least now the doors can lock.

Next projects: vinyl siding…and running electricity to the shed.

The Shed Project Continues…

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The shed project is slowly but surely coming along…as we get the money to work on it, and as we feel like working on it.  It’s a nice change from renovating a room in the house where you feel like you have to work on it all the time, because it causes a huge mess inside.  Not this time.  It’s in the backyard, and la-la-la, I can’t see it if I don’t want to!

Rob put some fine mesh between the side walls and the roof, to help keep out tiny critters and bugs.

Handy Man used his drill to pre-drill holes for screws, and the miter saw to cut the lengths down.  He was using composite material that is plastic, but looks like white painted wood.  Low maintenance is the way to go.

I got up on the ladder and held up one end while he screwed the trim boards into place.

The shingles are all up: Handy Man used Owens Corning architectural shingles.  The trim boards around the roof are up…next, Handy Man will put double doors on the shed.  Stay tuned!

Stairway Remodel, Before & After


I recently came across some photos of our stairway renovation.  I can’t believe this was completed in fall of 2007.  It seems like we just did it!

Some of these photos are so embarrassing!  Oh well.   There used to be drywall on the left of the stairs, and a low, odd looking piece of wood trim.  To the right, there was a WALL that we demolished.  Yes, a whole wall.  We pulled that down, to make the two rooms at the front of our house more open.

You can see Handy Man’s legs and feet here, ha ha!

What a mess it was, knocking down that wall.  I guess I didn’t take any photos of that part of the project.  There was drywall dust everywhere!  Then we took a break from renovations and I had to look at this ugly, carpeted staircase for a while.  Yuck!

It’s not that I hate carpet, but this was all dirty and worn out, and we just prefer wood floors and stairs.

Handy man started working on the treads.  I was getting so excited at this point!

I painted the risers with a glossy white paint.

There was a lot of drywall patching and painting to do on this side.

And then…the handrails…Didn’t Handy Man do a great job?  This would have cost a fortune if we hired someone to do it.  Although the materials for this weren’t cheap, at least we didn’t have to add labor costs.

Hey, you can see our Christmas tree in the background in this one!  We finished it in fall 2007, but it wasn’t until December that I realized that I needed to take finished photos.

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Roof Shingles are Going Up

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Rob has continued to work on the shed.  He put a drip edge along the roof, and started putting shingles on one side.

One side of the roof is done!  It was kind of hard to work up on the roof at an angle, but he managed, using ladders and a scaffold.  Rob used to put roofs on houses, so that is how he knows what to do. He’ll complete the other side of the roof soon.

Roof and Windows

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Rob put the windows into the shed today.  Here’s the view out the back window.

Rob’s father helped him to put up the heavy plywood boards on the roof.  I’ve been helping him by holding up trim boards, handing him tools, moving ladders, etc.  I can’t lift really heavy things, but I do help when I can.

Some trim boards also went up.  Tomorrow, Rob hopes to add on the drip edge, then start putting up roof shingles.

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