Cute Recipe Storage

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I thought I would show how I store my recipes.  Several years ago, I bought one of these recipe baskets at a Longaberger basket show.  I even had to buy the cute “Recipes” tie-on.

I think this was purchased around 1996 or 1997.  These baskets are expensive, but they are sturdy and do hold up very well.  I love the lip on the cover, where you can rest a recipe while you are reading it.

I bought a ton of recipe cards with plastic covers.  I’m a messy cook and baker, stuff gets splashed around.  I do have a few recipe books, but if I like a recipe enough, I’ll write it on a card and put it here into my basket.

Once in a while, I tear recipes out of magazines, and print them from the internet.  Here is my pile of recipes “to be tried.”

I really need to give myself some sort of deadline for trying these recipes before I either write them on a card, or toss them.  I think some of these papers are older than six months.

Until I try the new recipes, I fold them up and store them in front of my recipe cards.  Looks like it’s time to try some of these out!

How do you store your recipes?  Do you have a basket or container? A three ring binder?  Cookbooks? Do you just look up recipes on the internet?

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Pantry, Before & After


Here are some photos of our pantry.  It’s actually a hall closet, but when we moved in, we decided we needed a pantry more than a place to hang coats.  I have organized and reorganized it for almost four years now, but I think we finally have it just right.   Here are the “befores.”  It’s hard to get a good photo in a dark hallway, with not much space to maneuver.  You can click on each photo to enlarge it:

We took some of the surplus items and brought them down to the basement, where we have a rack for extra food storage (that’s a post for another time).

We went through everything and tried to put similar items together.  Yet again.

I also purchased two items to help organize; one of those can organizers that has “steps” so you can see which cans you have; and a small lazy susan.

Here are the “After” photos.  Again, I did the best I could with no natural light in the hallway:

See the cute can organizer?  It slides open so you can make it wider.  The can organizer, and the lazy susan organizer on the shelf below were both purchased at Lowe’s.  The brand sticker on them said “Real Organized.”  Each piece was under $12.

Here is the bottom of the closet.  Yes, that is an old-fashioned, metal candy machine.  It is filled with Gobstoppers.  Rob found it at an antique store, and cleaned it out thoroughly and added the candy to it.  He wants to find a stand for it, but for now it gets stashed away in the pantry for a “once in a while” treat.  I’m not a fan of Gobstoppers, but the boys are.  And yes, that basket holds plastic bags.  Shame on me, I know, I shouldn’t use them.  But I’ve been using them to line small trash cans.

Anyone need to organize their pantry?  Whether it is a closet or a shelf in your kitchen, go through it and see what you can organize, so you can find things more easily.  You don’t need to purchase a lot of fancy containers or organizers; clean out and organize first to see what you need before you go shopping for organizers.

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Just DO It, Already


This was a nice, quick project that I’ve been meaning to work on for ages now.  I know this isn’t a bad “before”, but it was getting hard to find things in this drawer.  We call it the phone book drawer, but I decided to toss the phone book into recycling.  We never use it anymore; if we need a phone number, we look it up on the internet.

The pink flowered book holds our phone numbers for friends and family.  Yes, I still use a paper phone book for that. 🙂

I sorted through the pens, and bought two small plastic containers to corral everything.  I put scissors in the drawer because I always seem to need them.  I also put a small pencil sharpener in there, since Handy Boy always seems to need one when working on his homework.

I had been meaning to organize this drawer, but I kept forgetting to buy the organizers!

Is there a small project that you have been meaning to do that would make a difference in how you function?  Let’s stop procrastinating and just do it!

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Organizing Photos, Before & After


Recently, my crafty friend Danielle said that she needed to organize her photos and scrapbook supplies so she could work on her crafts. I offered to go over to her house recently to help with the organization.

Danielle is very crafty: she makes cards, scrapbooks, and makes cute Christmas ornaments.  This idea that I posted in December about simple ornaments was from Danielle.

Danielle had been ordering photos online, but they were in piles.

She had started to organize the photos, but hadn’t gotten too far.

I will post more “before and after” photos of her scrap room another time, but for now, here’s the photo project.  She gathered all of her photos together, and started going through them.

After I left, she continued working.  She put tabs in between categories and sorted the photos into plastic containers and photo boxes.  Photo boxes can be purchased inexpensively at most department stores.

I am using my label maker to make labels for Danielle’s photo boxes…I ran out of labels (eeek!), but I will get them to her soon.

MUCH better!  Great job, Danielle. Now she can start making cute scrapbook pages again.

A few photo organizing tips:

  • Gather all of your photos into one place.
  • Go through photos and sort them into general piles.  It’s okay to pitch photos that are blurry or too dark.  They are not going to get any less blurry or dark.  I am giving you all permission to throw away crummy photos.  Really.
  • Use index cards or simple pieces of paper to make dividers.  General labels like “Wedding”, “School”, “Christmas” or “Kids” are OK. You may already have photo boxes or containers in the house, but if you have to purchase some they are usually only $4 or $5 apiece.
  • Put your photos into photo boxes with lids, to keep them dust-free and away from light.

Danielle and I love to scrapbook.  However, even if you don’t scrap, it’s nice to have all your photos together so it’s easier to look through them.

For more scrapbook organizing info: see this link for how I used my label maker to organize my scrapbook paper.  Also see this link about the table I use to store my scrapbook supplies.

Anyone need to organize some photos?

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Organizing in the Shed

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Handy Man is still hard at work on his shed.  Even though the outside isn’t complete, he’s started to move things inside the shed.  He just can’t wait to use it!

Here’s a shelf that used to live in the garage.  It made the garage a bit crowded.  We took all of the junk stuff off it, and even wiped down the shelves.  They were NASTY dirty.

Handy Man tossed a few things, then organized his stuff onto the shelves more neatly.  Oil for his lawn mower and snow blower, some metal parts I can’t identify…and, you know, GUY stuff.  Anyway, it looks much neater now:

This is the area in the garage where the metal shelving unit used to live.  We have plans for putting up some more peg board for extra storage.  Our garage is large enough for two cars, but it will be easier to park both cars once more tools are off the floor.  Stay tuned for a post about adding additional peg board to the garage wall.

If you’d like to see more of the shed project, click on these links:

Platform for the shed

The beginnings of the shed

The shed walls go up

Framing out the roof

More roof work, and windows

Putting shingles on the shed roof

Hanging up trim on the shed

Whew, we’ve been busy this Labor Day weekend, and have more projects planned for the coming week.  I have so much to post this week!

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More Basket Organizing

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I love baskets.  We use them all over our house.  We have cheap ones and nicer ones, but there are baskets in every room.  Since I have organized under the first floor bathroom sink and my sink, I thought it was time to organize under Handy Man’s sink.

It wasn’t too bad.  I just tossed a few things, and consolidated everything into the basket.

Guys don’t have as much “bathroom junk” as girls do.  Well, maybe some do.  But not Handy Man.

I will use the plastic basket to organize things in the pantry, I think.  That’s a project (and a blog post) for another day.

I’m wondering why there is baby powder under Handy Man’s sink.  We don’t use it, and we don’t have a “baby” around anymore.  Yet, I didn’t toss it.  I don’t know why.  I think I should have gotten rid of it, but there it sits.  I think it was unopened..  But why is it in Handy Man’s basket?  Who knows?

It was probably bought in 2001…when Handy Baby was born. (ICK! Does powder “go bad?”)

I think it’s time to go back up and get rid of that baby powder.

Have you ever found something and thought “WHY did I keep this?”

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Organizing Under my Bathroom Sink


I have a basket under my bathroom sink that holds a lot of “stuff.”  I’ve been meaning to organize it.  I had some smaller baskets in here, but I took them out to use elsewhere.  So this got to be a jumble.

I took the cloth liner out of the basket to wash it because it was pretty grimy.  I bought these small 3″ x 9″ Rubbermaid containers to help me organize the basket.

I tossed some things, and I moved a few things elsewhere.  Isn’t that much better? Ahhhhhh!

I still need to clean out under Handy Man’s sink, but he doesn’t have nearly as much “stuff” as me.

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