New Printer Stand

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We recently bought a new printer (Handy Man is great at comparing prices online for anything and everything we are looking to buy).  The new printer we bought is a bit wider than the old one, so we started to look around for printer stands.  I hated to buy a new piece of furniture just for that, but the new printer was way too big to put on either of our desks.

Of course, Handy Man did consider building a printer stand for us, but after doing some more research, he determined that we could just buy a stand at an unfinished furniture store for less money.  It’s unfortunate that sometimes nice wood is just super expensive to buy these days.  Of course, if we need a specialty piece that we just can’t find anywhere else, Handy Man will just build it.

Here is the stand that we bought at a local unfinished furniture store.  Handy Man took it apart so it would be easier to sand and stain.

This is the top of the stand, and the bottom shelf. Handy Man said he used some 220 grit sandpaper to get a nice, smooth finish.

This is the stain that he used. Its Minwax Wood Finish, in Red Mahogany:

He used a rag to get the stain into all of the nooks and crannies:

I’m working on getting some more Handy/Crafty posts written soon. It’s just been hard here lately; we are all taking turns being sick, and the five day power outage really threw me off!


Paint Coat #2 on New/Old Book Case


We interrupt this program to bring you the status of our recently purchased new/old book case.  Remember how it started off green?

Here it is, with two coats of white paint, so far.  Handy Man will put a third coat on it soon.  He also decided to take the back piece off; it was kind of flimsy.

We’ll probably leave the back piece off it.  There is a brace piece on it (see on the shelf second from the bottom?)  The book case is sturdy anyway, it will have loads of books on it, and it’s going to be up against a wall.  I’m thinking it can stay open like that.

What do you think so far?

New (Old) Bookcase

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We recently bought a book case at an antique store. I had been eyeing it for a while, hoping the price would come down a bit. We had a lot of books that were still packed away since our move here (in 2005!). We like to buy antiques since the quality is usually better than most of the newer furniture built these days; plus it can be less expensive.

One day, I was driving past the antique store where the bookcase was, and I had an urge to go in. They were having a sale on certain pieces, and the book case was STILL there, and better yet, it was marked down from $209 to $150! I called Handy Man on his cell, and he said “Buy it!” He had to go back a few days later and strap it onto his car to bring it home.

Behold our new bookcase! It is made out of mahogany. The back panels of the bookcase were a bit messed-up looking, but I knew Handy Man could fix it. He took the back panels off, and put them back into their correct places so they would lay better.

2008 Nov 008

The back has a label on it that says “Paine Furniture Company, Makers of Fine Furniture, Boston.”

2008 Nov 001

Do any of you buy antiques? What has your experience been with antiques?

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