Fun, New Picture Hanging Tool


Have you ever had a hard time hanging pictures on a wall? I always make Handy Man help me, but sometimes we still struggle with placement.

I saw an ad on TV for this product, and I looked it up online.  It looks so helpful!

It’s called “Hang and Level, The Picture Hanging Tool.”  Here’s the site where you can look into more details about the product, as well as videos on how it works: Under the Roof Decorating.

Normally, I wouldn’t write about a product without using it first, but this looks like a great tool.  What a simple solution for such a common problem!  I think we have to buy one and try it.

Handyman: “Huh? Another excuse to go to a hardware store? Suhweeeeet!”

Has anyone else used this product? Tell us about it.  It looks like you can purchase this tool for around $15 at places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware.  Note: We are not receiving any compensation for talking about this tool, I just came across it and wanted to share it here.

Tell us about your mishaps with photo hanging!  We’ve dropped photos, hung them in the wrong spot, etc.  I have some blank space in our family room addition that will need photos; and a spot in our stairway where I’d like to hang photos as well.


More Garage Organization


Rob is still working on organizing in the garage while he works on the shed.  He took a metal shelf from this wall in the garage and moved it to the shed, leaving this wall blank.

Time for more pegboard!  Rob hung up some strapping…

…then hung up a new piece of pegboard.  He made cut-outs for a light switch and an outlet…

…and hung up some more tools and “man stuff”.  Here are pictures of the other pieces of pegboard in the garage.

Pretty nice, huh?  I never thought I’d get excited about organizing in the garage and shed, but I seem to be on an organizing kick right now.

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Still to come soon: more work on the shed, some thrifty clothing finds for Handy Boy, and some scrapbook organization in my friend Danielle’s house.

Also: Check out the Link Parties page that I’ve posted.  I’ve discovered some really great home blogs, and they have link parties where other home bloggers post their ideas.  You can find so many great crafty/home/recipe ideas.  Beware though, you might spend too much time checking out the ideas! 😉

Organizing in the Shed

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Handy Man is still hard at work on his shed.  Even though the outside isn’t complete, he’s started to move things inside the shed.  He just can’t wait to use it!

Here’s a shelf that used to live in the garage.  It made the garage a bit crowded.  We took all of the junk stuff off it, and even wiped down the shelves.  They were NASTY dirty.

Handy Man tossed a few things, then organized his stuff onto the shelves more neatly.  Oil for his lawn mower and snow blower, some metal parts I can’t identify…and, you know, GUY stuff.  Anyway, it looks much neater now:

This is the area in the garage where the metal shelving unit used to live.  We have plans for putting up some more peg board for extra storage.  Our garage is large enough for two cars, but it will be easier to park both cars once more tools are off the floor.  Stay tuned for a post about adding additional peg board to the garage wall.

If you’d like to see more of the shed project, click on these links:

Platform for the shed

The beginnings of the shed

The shed walls go up

Framing out the roof

More roof work, and windows

Putting shingles on the shed roof

Hanging up trim on the shed

Whew, we’ve been busy this Labor Day weekend, and have more projects planned for the coming week.  I have so much to post this week!

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Recent Thrifty & Free Finds

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Since fall is quickly approaching, yard sale season is winding down.  However, Handy Man and Handy Boy are still finding some great deals.  Handy Boy loves to find cheap Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars…Handy Man loves to find hardware and tools that he can use for projects around the house.

We try not to buy too much “stuff” at yard sales, as we are cutting down on clutter…but if we see something that will save money and help with a future home project, we’ll buy it.

Handy Man recently came across this crate full of ropes and doo-dads.  It was marked for $8, but he talked them down to $5.  This was a great find, because Handy Man had mentioned needing a few bits of rope, but didn’t want to buy any.  This crate contained ropes of different lengths and thickness.

Here are the doo-dads in the crate.  Apparently, the ropes and doo-dads were for sailboats.  I spread them out to look at them and to take a picture of them.  I have NO idea what these things do, but Handy Man was excited.  He already used one of the metal parts, and some of the ropes, for a project inside his new shed.  (Photos of that to come soon.)

This was an interesting find.  I know it’s not the best photo, but I’ll explain.  Last weekend, we were driving home from an errand, and I saw a plastic pool ladder on the side of the road.  There was also a bunch of other stuff around the ladder.  I said to Handy Man “I wonder if that’s a pool for sale?”

We stopped to look.  Hey, we are not too good to pick up junk on the side of the road!  It was indeed a blow-up pool, with a filter and a nice plastic ladder.  There was a funny sign on one of the boxes that said something like “Steal it, take it, whatever…”  Handy Man went to knock on the door and we talked to the guy in the house.

The brand of pool is Intex. We don’t know much about the brand, but we took it home with us.   The filter needs a bit of work, but it was worth taking everything just for the free ladder.  Rob put it away in his shed for now, and he will tinker with it more in the spring.  We were pretty excited, as we talked about getting an inflatable pool “someday.”  Handy Boy wanted to swim in it immediately, but since it’s September, we had to explain that we’ll be putting it away and setting it up next year.  Poor kid!

Rob has been periodically working on the shed.  I’ll be posting soon with more shed photos.

What are you planning to do over Labor Day weekend?  Are you going on a trip?  Trying to get some work done around the house or the yard?  We have a few small projects to tackle, as usual.

Men and Their Tools

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A few weekends ago, we were in Lowe’s.  While walking through the aisles, I saw this HUGE tool box and had to take a picture of it.

Then I noticed that there were stereo speakers in this tool box!  Speakers…really?

I saw another tool box that actually had a mini fridge in it, too!  What is it with men and their tools?  Handy Man has lots of tools and tool boxes, but he doesn’t have anything like this…yet.

Here he is, picking up a ladder stabilizer.  This was to help him build the roof on the garage.  He already had a large ladder, but needed a stabilizer for it.  I managed to push him out of the store before he could buy anything else.

In the meantime, I’m really having a fun time finding other decorating and organizing blogs. I posted my sink organizing post over on Organize and Decorate Everything.  I’m getting really addicted to other organizing blogs.  I need to stop reading all these blogs and do some more organizing of my own!

The Shed Project Continues…

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Here are a few more pictures of the shed project.  It was soooo hot last week, but Rob just kept working on it.

Rob had to set up a scaffold to do some of the work.

It’s looking pretty good, now!  Rob will continue to work on the shed over weekends during the summer.  I’ll continue to post more photos as the work goes along.

What is it With Men and Sheds?


This is the question I keep asking myself lately.  Handy Man has been talking about this darned shed for over a year now.  He took this week off from work so he could do a lot of work on it.  He doesn’t expect to finish it, but he wanted to get the framing up.

We have a garage and a basement, so why he also feels the need for a shed is beyond me.  Here is how the conversation has been going lately:

Crafty Woman: Do we really need a shed, too?
Handy Man: Yes, I need more room for my lawnmower, my generator, my snowblower, blah blah blah…
Crafty Woman: Is it possible that you just have too much stuff?
Handy Man: *Sighhhhh*

Rob planned out the expense of all the wood and extra gear by making a few trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  He made a list of materials and wrote down prices.  He bought just enough to do the framing and the plywood this week.  In order to spread out the expense (and work!), he’ll buy more materials and work on it more over the summer and possibly into September.

Normally, we are “git-r-done” people when it comes to renovations…I can’t stand letting projects drag out for too long. However, this doesn’t involve any kind of construction mess inside the house (yaaay!), so we’ll complete it gradually and spread out the expenses a bit.

Of course, it was HOT and HUMID this week in New England, so there’s been a lot of sweating and drinking of water and lemonade.

Here’s Handy Man with his ginormous DeWalt nail gun.  That thing scares me.

I’ve been helping him a bit, but I stay far away from the nail gun.  And we make sure that Handy Boy stays away from it, too.  Handy Boy has been entertained by using bits of leftover wood, and his own small tools, to build a chair and a table (pictures to follow).

Looking good so far! So, I’ve been supervising, 😉 and making sure that the Boys drink plenty of water.

We’ve been WICKED busy this week. In between shed construction, we’ve also been squeezing in some fun with Handy Boy. Also, I’ve been working on organizing my scrapbook paper. Stay tuned for more info on both projects.

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