This is the question I keep asking myself lately.  Handy Man has been talking about this darned shed for over a year now.  He took this week off from work so he could do a lot of work on it.  He doesn’t expect to finish it, but he wanted to get the framing up.

We have a garage and a basement, so why he also feels the need for a shed is beyond me.  Here is how the conversation has been going lately:

Crafty Woman: Do we really need a shed, too?
Handy Man: Yes, I need more room for my lawnmower, my generator, my snowblower, blah blah blah…
Crafty Woman: Is it possible that you just have too much stuff?
Handy Man: *Sighhhhh*

Rob planned out the expense of all the wood and extra gear by making a few trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  He made a list of materials and wrote down prices.  He bought just enough to do the framing and the plywood this week.  In order to spread out the expense (and work!), he’ll buy more materials and work on it more over the summer and possibly into September.

Normally, we are “git-r-done” people when it comes to renovations…I can’t stand letting projects drag out for too long. However, this doesn’t involve any kind of construction mess inside the house (yaaay!), so we’ll complete it gradually and spread out the expenses a bit.

Of course, it was HOT and HUMID this week in New England, so there’s been a lot of sweating and drinking of water and lemonade.

Here’s Handy Man with his ginormous DeWalt nail gun.  That thing scares me.

I’ve been helping him a bit, but I stay far away from the nail gun.  And we make sure that Handy Boy stays away from it, too.  Handy Boy has been entertained by using bits of leftover wood, and his own small tools, to build a chair and a table (pictures to follow).

Looking good so far! So, I’ve been supervising, 😉 and making sure that the Boys drink plenty of water.

We’ve been WICKED busy this week. In between shed construction, we’ve also been squeezing in some fun with Handy Boy. Also, I’ve been working on organizing my scrapbook paper. Stay tuned for more info on both projects.