Thrifty Clothing Finds


This week, I went shopping for some clothes that Handy Boy needs for fall.  I went to a few stores and hit the clearance racks.  I never shop for “back to school clothes” before school starts.  Handy Boy can still wear his shorts and t-shirts for a while, and he seems to have a growth spurt every fall.

I would love to be able to get clothes for Handy Boy at thrift and consignment stores, but unfortunately, that’s not possible any more.  Second hand stores have more clothing for babies, toddlers, and younger children.  Handy Boy is a size 10 now, and I just can’t find clothes in that size in second hand stores.

I found some shirts on sale at Kohl’s and Sears.  I bought two short sleeved shirts and three long sleeved shirts.

I also took out these three shirts.  I had stored these shirts in Handy Boy’s dresser.  We bought them back in the spring from a clearance rack for $2.49 each!!  Can you believe it?

Here’s the proof:

I don’t like the idea of paying $24 for ONE SHIRT for a child, but $2.49?! Awesome!

Here are the two short sleeved shirts that I bought:

I recently found a site called thredup.  It’s an online site where you can trade gently used children’s clothing.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much for boy’s size 10 clothing there, either; but I thought I would pass along the info.

I absolutely hate paying full price for clothing for myself, Handy Man or Handy Boy.  We always check clearance racks, second hand stores and sales.  Last year, I bought Handy Boy a nice winter coat for $1 in a thrift store! ONE dollar!  Check out this post about some thrifty winter items I bought for Handy Boy last winter.  Click here to see the nice rain coat I bought for the Boy for $1.99.

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How do you save money on clothing?


Recent Thrifty & Free Finds

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Since fall is quickly approaching, yard sale season is winding down.  However, Handy Man and Handy Boy are still finding some great deals.  Handy Boy loves to find cheap Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars…Handy Man loves to find hardware and tools that he can use for projects around the house.

We try not to buy too much “stuff” at yard sales, as we are cutting down on clutter…but if we see something that will save money and help with a future home project, we’ll buy it.

Handy Man recently came across this crate full of ropes and doo-dads.  It was marked for $8, but he talked them down to $5.  This was a great find, because Handy Man had mentioned needing a few bits of rope, but didn’t want to buy any.  This crate contained ropes of different lengths and thickness.

Here are the doo-dads in the crate.  Apparently, the ropes and doo-dads were for sailboats.  I spread them out to look at them and to take a picture of them.  I have NO idea what these things do, but Handy Man was excited.  He already used one of the metal parts, and some of the ropes, for a project inside his new shed.  (Photos of that to come soon.)

This was an interesting find.  I know it’s not the best photo, but I’ll explain.  Last weekend, we were driving home from an errand, and I saw a plastic pool ladder on the side of the road.  There was also a bunch of other stuff around the ladder.  I said to Handy Man “I wonder if that’s a pool for sale?”

We stopped to look.  Hey, we are not too good to pick up junk on the side of the road!  It was indeed a blow-up pool, with a filter and a nice plastic ladder.  There was a funny sign on one of the boxes that said something like “Steal it, take it, whatever…”  Handy Man went to knock on the door and we talked to the guy in the house.

The brand of pool is Intex. We don’t know much about the brand, but we took it home with us.   The filter needs a bit of work, but it was worth taking everything just for the free ladder.  Rob put it away in his shed for now, and he will tinker with it more in the spring.  We were pretty excited, as we talked about getting an inflatable pool “someday.”  Handy Boy wanted to swim in it immediately, but since it’s September, we had to explain that we’ll be putting it away and setting it up next year.  Poor kid!

Rob has been periodically working on the shed.  I’ll be posting soon with more shed photos.

What are you planning to do over Labor Day weekend?  Are you going on a trip?  Trying to get some work done around the house or the yard?  We have a few small projects to tackle, as usual.

$3 Pillows!


We have a sage green couch that we bought when we moved into this house (late 2005).  Over the last few months, I decided that I wanted to buy some pillows for the couch. I felt like it needed a little “something.”

I looked in several different stores, but couldn’t find much that I liked.  I did find some nice pillows in Target, but I didn’t feel like paying $20 EACH for pillows.  No. Way.

One day, Handy Man came home from Lowe’s with some supplies for the shed project.  He also came home with these cranberry color pillows.  Just the size and color I wanted!  They have just the right amount of softness and fluffiness.

I keep forgetting that Lowe’s has some Home Decor items, since it seems like we are always in the hardware or lumber aisles.  Keep that in mind next time you are at a Lowe’s.

Upon looking at the receipt though, Handy Man discovered that he had been overcharged for the pillows.  They were originally $15 each, but marked down to $7.50.  He thought they charged him $7.50, but they charged him $15 instead.  Since we needed something else at Lowe’s (we spend half of Rob’s paycheck there, I swear), we went back.  We asked them to refund us the price difference.  The customer service desk person called to check the price, and they had been marked down to $3 EACH!  I guess they had been marked down even further during the day.  So we ended up paying just $6 for the two pillows.

I love a bargain!  Have you found any great bargains lately?  Tell us about them.

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Thrifty Finds


I just wanted to share some of the thrifty purchases we made recently.  We went to drop off a bunch of items at Goodwill.  I try really hard not to bring any “things” back, but I always check the boy’s clothing for Handy Boy.  I found a nice, new-looking raincoat for him that cost $1.99!  It has a hood and nice pockets.

Handy Man also noticed that there was a neighborhood yard sale nearby.  I found a new Creative Memories album for $10, and Rob found an ice hockey table for $10:

Rob has always wanted an ice hockey table, and he said he was not passing this one up for $10.  Handy Boy loves it!  We’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

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Ye Olde Changing Table

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Handy Man and I bought this changing table waaaay back in about 2000, for the impending arrival of Handy Baby.  We found it in a consignment store that sold used and antique furniture and collectibles.  We liked it for several reasons:

– it was cheap

– it was sturdy, not flimsy like the changing tables we had been looking at in department stores

– it had nice, deep drawers for storage of all that baby “stuff”

– it was a project.  Handy Man painted it white, and we bought a nice pad to put on the top of it for baby changing.

– it was cheap.  Seriously, I think we paid less than $70 for it.

The old changing table has now turned into a storage dresser in our guest room upstairs.  I loved the changing table, its so cute and charming…but we’ve decided to put the new/old book case in its place.  We no longer have a baby that needs changing, obviously; and there is another dresser in that room for storage, along with an ample closet.

I’m not sure where the changing table will travel to on its next journey…perhaps we will sell it on Craigslist?  Maybe we’ll find a friend or family member who needs it? Farewell, ye olde changing table…

Small Giveaway: Coupons from All You Magazine!


I will be getting back to my “Declutter 365 items in 365 days” series soon; and I’ll be wrapping up our “After” kitchen photos soon, too. 

Today I want to try something a little different: a small coupon giveaway.  I signed up online to get two years of “all you” magazine for WICKED cheap.  It’s your typical women’s magazine; with articles about parenting, saving money, health tips, etc. But, this magazine is JAM PACKED with loads of coupons!  I was so excited to try and find coupons in this magazine that I could use when I went grocery shopping.

Then I got the magazine…the magazine is great, mind you…but the coupons?  There are loads of them (worth $47.13 this month!), but they are for items or brands I don’t buy, and some are for items that I don’t even think they carry in our area.

So, what am I going to do?  I’m going to cut them out and mail them all away to one lucky person.  You can see the list of coupons available in this month’s February issue of All You here on their website. 

Now, you may not be able to use all of the coupons, but maybe you can trade some, or share them with family or friends who might use them.  Here’s what to do to enter into this small giveaway:

– Enter a comment for this post. You must enter your email address; only I will see your emal address, it won’t show to “the world”

– In your comment, please type one quick and easy tip that you use to save money when grocery shopping.

– Comments will be accepted until 10 pm eastern on Wednesday, January 27th.

– I will randomly choose one commenter, and will mail all of the coupons from the magazine to the winner by the end of the week.  Entries from the United States only please!

Good luck!

Decluttering and Disposing

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This is a pile o’ “stuff” in the basement that we are donating to a thrift store.  For the last several years, we’ve been making piles like this, and then drop the items off to donation places.

What’s all this stuff, you may wonder? Well, a little bit of it is Handy Boy’s outgrown clothes…some of it is toys that Handy Boy doesn’t play with any more…some of it is just STUFF that I’ve found and said “WHY. ARE. WE. KEEPING. THIS?!?!”

I do try to pass on things (especially Handy Boy’s stuff) to friends with children…or see if my family needs anything…but mostly, it goes buh-bye to Goodwill or a place that takes donations.  Today, Handy Man and I found a new thrift store to donate our items.  This place was somewhat new, so I also looked around at the clothing and items inside.  I found a winter coat for Handy Boy for next year, in excellent shape for…

Wait for it…

ONE dollar! 

Can you believe that?  Its harder to find things for Handy Boy in thrift stores as he gets older, but I still look for things like winter jackets.  I just HATE the thought of plunking down $60 for a coat he may only wear for one winter!

Handy Man was happy about the coat, too.  He’s getting to be a real stingy-poo in his old age, ha ha.

So, back to decluttering.  Even though we have had yard sales in the past, and about every 3-4 months we bring a load of stuff to Goodwill; we still manage to find things to declutter.  I swear, we don’t buy a whole lot of “stuff.”  Most of the suff we buy is consumable, like milk and groceries.  We hardly go to the mall and I don’t even like to buy clothes for myself.  I think it multiplies in the dark.

I will be revisiting the whole decluttering thing as the year goes on.  It was long journey towards getting this house decluttered, and as you can see, we have ongoing maintenance to keep up with.  Between 2008 and 2009, I participated in a “Declutter 365 things in 365 days” challenge, and I actually kept track of how many items we tossed and donated.  And we DID make it to 365.  I will post another “365 Challenge” soon, in case any of you want to paricipate.  Maybe I will also see if we can dig up another 365 items; who knows.

So, where did this pile come from?  The deep, dark recesses of the house, I guess.  Maybe the same place where dust bunnies come from. 

Do you have any organizing and decluttering goals for 2010? Share them here, we can all help each other.

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