Hunny Do List

Rob’s never ending Hunny Do List:

– build upper cabinets for above stove

– lay down a brick patio in the back, near garage door

– top off mulch beds in the front of the house

– replace picture window (one of the small windows suddenly CRACKED one day.)

– put new weather stripping in upstairs bathroom window

– install new tub in upstairs bathroom

make screen for basement window

– and on and on and on and on…

Finished Stuff (Let’s give the poor guy some credit!)

– paint green bookcase white

– stain new printer stand

– fix upstairs shower drain

– install pavers in front yard

– install solar lights

– re-stain decks (there are 3: a small one on the front, a medium-sized one on the side of the house, and a large one on the back!)

– hang up new ceiling fan in kitchen

fix vacuum cleaner

– bring wood pellets into basement once they are delivered

– re-seed grass in part of the front yard

– install new hot water heater

– build a shed in the backyard

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