Paint Mistake in the Kitchen

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When we first moved into this house, every room was painted white.  We’re not a fan of white walls, we love color!  I was starting to get really sick of the white walls, and decided to paint the kitchen.  I really labored over which color to use, and finally decided on a sage green that we had used in a bathroom in our previous house.

Big mistake! The color had looked great in the bathroom in our previous home.  But in this house? YUCK!

The same color here turned into a cool minty green.  I hated it!  Halfway through painting, I knew it was a mistake.  However, Rob convinced me to finish and that we just needed to get used to the color.  That’s the last time I listen to him about a color!  Ha!

When we renovated the kitchen further (see more info here), I repainted the kitchen in a light, beige color.  MUCH better!

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake painting a room.  Yes, it takes time and some money to do over, but paint is relatively inexpensive.  We lived with the green color for a while, but it just didn’t work in our kitchen.  The size of the room and the lighting in this room was different, so the color looked different.

Have you ever made a painting mistake?  Did you re-paint, or are you still trying to decide?

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Declutter Challenge for a Monday: Plastic Containers


I decided it was time to clean out my plastic containers.  Some of them were old, old, old and not sealing very well.  We did some research and settled on a set of Rubbermaid Premier containers.  These can be purchased at Target.  I love them!  We bought a set of 20 and purchased a few extra large pieces separately.  These pieces are very sturdy, they resist stains and odors, and seal very well.

No, I’m not being paid to talk about this, I just love these!

I decided to clean out this cabinet and put my new containers here.  I love how they nest for easy storage.  My old containers didn’t nest very well, and would spill all over the place.  I’m still working on the two shelves above this.

Do you have a cabinet with containers that needs to be cleaned out?  You may simply need to clean out and organize your drawer or cabinet.  If you are in the market for new food containers though, I highly recommend these.

The “plastic food container” part of a kitchen always seems to be the worst area.  If yours needs help, see what you can do in 15 minutes…ready, set, go!

Just So You Know…

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…my kitchen doesn’t always look like this:

Here’s what it looked like today, because I JUST didn’t feel like cleaning up after breakfast. OR lunch.  And then of course it got worse after dinner time.

I did put the tomato and some other food away.  But the dishes? Meh.  I’ll do ’em later…

Decluttering in the Kitchen


Kitchens seem to be the room in the house that need the most organizing. When Handy Man pulled apart our kitchen, I had to stack allllll of our kitchen stuff in another room. I thought I had gone through and decluttered the kitchen pretty well, but WOW! What huge piles! When the kitchen was finished and I had to move everything back, I took the opportunity to go through everything. Again.

I donated items that I could live without, and tried to put things back in a way that made more sense. One of the things that helped to store my baking pans was this wooden gadget, shown above. I had seen something similar in a magazine, and told Handy Man that I wanted one for my baking sheets and pans in one of our cabinets. What a difference it made! It’s so much easier to take out items when I need them. Handy Man even made the system flexible, so I could remove sections to make them larger or smaller.

If you have a Handy Person in your house, perhaps you could ask them to make one for you. Or, see if you can find something similar online. Even if you don’t have the best storage in your kitchen cabinets, try a little rearranging. Take out the contents of one drawer or cabinet, go through everything, and put back only what you use. Even the smallest kitchen can be a big decluttering job, so don’t try to do this all at once. Take out one or two drawers, declutter a bit, and put things back. You can work on it over the course of a few weeks, if you need to. Put “like” things with “like”, get rid of things you haven’t used in a while, and put things back.

Anyone else need a kitchen declutter?

The Mostly Done Kitchen


Today is the day that I’m going to share the mostly done, “After” photos of our kitchen. I say mostly done because while it looks just fine, there is one more area that we will work on as funds allow. More on that, below. (To see other “before” and “during construction” photos of the kitchen, you can click on the Before & After Category, to the right.)

Introducing: the refrigerator…which was already there, but now the side panel of bead board has been installed and painted:

Now the “false” front drawers that were under the original sink have been built, painted and installed:

This is where the sink was relocated to, and the window added. Notice that the dishwasher has been relocated to the left of the sink:

To the left of the sink area, here is where the stove was relocated:

The wall area above this section is pretty nekkid, and that’s where eventually Handy Man will be doing more work. He is going to build some upper cabinets that go with the bottom ones. We have ideas on how we want them to look, including: more bead board, and glass-front doors to show some of our vintage Fiesta Ware collection. You can see the bottom of a white shelf in this photo; we have been working on arranging some objects on two shelves above the stove, but I’m not ready to show those just yet. They are a work in progress, and just a “filler of blank space” until we can get the upper cabinets built.

Overall view from way back:

We are very happy with how it came out.  Anyone care to remember where our kitchen started from?

Neither would we.

Now…let’s never speak of it AGAIN.

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Kitchen Renovation: Part 2,387


Back to the kitchen renovation.  You can click on the “kitchen” category to the right to see more photos, and I’ll be expanding and updating the “Before and After” page to add these photos eventually.

As a reminder, we did our initial renovation in December of 2008.  We removed everything, and laid down new wood flooring.  Handy Man installed a new soffit and put the cabinets back together in a slightly new configuration.  He also moved the sink.  And there everything stopped, until a warm day in Spring of 2009 when Handy Man put a window into the wall above the relocated sink.

Fast forward to July 2009…when Handy Man had started painting the kitchen cabinets.  He painted them a glossy white.  We had white cabinets in our last house, and loved them.  It brightens up the kitchen, and the glossy paint is wipe-able.  (Is that a word?)

Notice the two drawers that were missing at the moment. That is because those two drawers were “false” fronts, as they were under the original sink. Handy Man took the false fronts out and built new cabinet boxes for them, so we could have drawers there. Hey, he’s not called “Handy Man” for nothing.

You’ll probably also notice that the panels on the sides of the cabinets are still bare. This was because the wood there had a very smooth finish that we decided would be difficult to paint. Handy Man decided to put some beadboard panelling over the cabinet sides, which we also painted white. It solved a problem for us and helped the cabinets to look more “finished.”

Another thing you’ll notice is that the toe-kick under the cabinets wasn’t yet painted.  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

By now, the kitchen was really coming together. Just a few more minor painting details to go, and it was 95% done.

What are we planning for the other 5%? You’ll have to stay tuned for details…!

New Kitchen Window

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In April of 2009, Handy Man broke a hole into the kitchen wall, and put up a new window. We moved some cabinets around in December 2008, but had to wait for better weather to tear a hole in the wall. Here is a reminder about the “before”:

Here is Handy Man, covered in dust. He had to take down several rows of siding, and break a huge hole in the wall for the new window. The small hole is just the beginning, he made the hole as big as the larger opening you can see here:

EEEEEk, there’s a huge hole in the wall! Thankfully, it was a nice warm day that day:

After a long day of construction work, here is the window, from the outside:

Here is the view from the inside, taken today, on a snowy day in January (since I apparently forgot to take a photo of the inside last spring!)

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