The shed project is slowly but surely coming along…as we get the money to work on it, and as we feel like working on it.  It’s a nice change from renovating a room in the house where you feel like you have to work on it all the time, because it causes a huge mess inside.  Not this time.  It’s in the backyard, and la-la-la, I can’t see it if I don’t want to!

Rob put some fine mesh between the side walls and the roof, to help keep out tiny critters and bugs.

Handy Man used his drill to pre-drill holes for screws, and the miter saw to cut the lengths down.  He was using composite material that is plastic, but looks like white painted wood.  Low maintenance is the way to go.

I got up on the ladder and held up one end while he screwed the trim boards into place.

The shingles are all up: Handy Man used Owens Corning architectural shingles.  The trim boards around the roof are up…next, Handy Man will put double doors on the shed.  Stay tuned!