Have you ever had a hard time hanging pictures on a wall? I always make Handy Man help me, but sometimes we still struggle with placement.

I saw an ad on TV for this product, and I looked it up online.  It looks so helpful!

It’s called “Hang and Level, The Picture Hanging Tool.”  Here’s the site where you can look into more details about the product, as well as videos on how it works: Under the Roof Decorating.

Normally, I wouldn’t write about a product without using it first, but this looks like a great tool.  What a simple solution for such a common problem!  I think we have to buy one and try it.

Handyman: “Huh? Another excuse to go to a hardware store? Suhweeeeet!”

Has anyone else used this product? Tell us about it.  It looks like you can purchase this tool for around $15 at places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware.  Note: We are not receiving any compensation for talking about this tool, I just came across it and wanted to share it here.

Tell us about your mishaps with photo hanging!  We’ve dropped photos, hung them in the wrong spot, etc.  I have some blank space in our family room addition that will need photos; and a spot in our stairway where I’d like to hang photos as well.