I thought I would show how I store my recipes.  Several years ago, I bought one of these recipe baskets at a Longaberger basket show.  I even had to buy the cute “Recipes” tie-on.

I think this was purchased around 1996 or 1997.  These baskets are expensive, but they are sturdy and do hold up very well.  I love the lip on the cover, where you can rest a recipe while you are reading it.

I bought a ton of recipe cards with plastic covers.  I’m a messy cook and baker, stuff gets splashed around.  I do have a few recipe books, but if I like a recipe enough, I’ll write it on a card and put it here into my basket.

Once in a while, I tear recipes out of magazines, and print them from the internet.  Here is my pile of recipes “to be tried.”

I really need to give myself some sort of deadline for trying these recipes before I either write them on a card, or toss them.  I think some of these papers are older than six months.

Until I try the new recipes, I fold them up and store them in front of my recipe cards.  Looks like it’s time to try some of these out!

How do you store your recipes?  Do you have a basket or container? A three ring binder?  Cookbooks? Do you just look up recipes on the internet?

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