Do you ever check out houses while you’re out driving around?  We do it all the time, especially since we moved to our current house, which isn’t too far from the coast. There are some really fancy-shmancy houses right near the coastline.

I just found this house the other day.  It was huge!

Here are some of the views of the water from this house.  Not too shabby, eh?

When we first moved here, Rob was really interested in buying a house really close to the water.  But then we saw the prices some (modest!) houses were going for, even if they were rundown shacks.  Yikes!  We live further inland, but we’re still within easy driving distance to the coast.  We still get the fun of being able to see the ocean whenever we want, without the huge price tag.  We still like to look at all the fancy houses along the shore, and wonder what they cost.  I also wonder what it costs to heat some of those houses during a New England winter!

Do you ever peek at big houses when driving around?  Do you wonder what they look like inside? (I do!!)  If we see a “for sale” sign on a house we’re curious about, we like to snoop around on the real estate web sites, so we can see pictures of the inside.  (Told you I’m nosy!)


Tomorrow, October 1st, is the first anniversary of our blog!  I really can’t believe that it’s been a year.

In honor our our 1st Blogiversary, we’ll be doing a giveaway that starts TOMORROW!  Be sure to come back and check it out!

A great big THANK YOU to all of our readers over the past year!  We really appreciate all of our readers.