Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Lucky number 13!

Aren’t we cute? I was 25 and Rob had just turned 26.  I’ll be adding this photo, along with some other photos, to the “About Us” page soon.

Some fun facts about us:

Number of apartments we’ve lived in: 2

Number of homes we’ve lived in: 4 (one was a rental, three were homes we bought.)

Number of times we’ve moved our crap from apartment to house to rental to house: We don’t even want to think about it!

Number of years we have been renovating homes: Over 13, yikes!

Number of bathrooms we have renovated over the years: 5

Number of kitchens we’ve renovated: 3

Number of bedrooms we’ve renovated: 11

Number of wounds we have sustained from renovating projects: Too many to count. Cuts, bruises, many splinters, a few mild (!!) electric shocks.  Thankfully, all were treatable without a trip to the ER.

Number of ceiling fans we have installed: Eleventy-billion. (We like ceiling fans.)

Number of sewer back-ups we have had: One.  And let us never speak of it again.

Most difficult renovation project:

Handy Man:  The kitchen in our second home.  (Crafty Woman: I will post pictures of this sometime!)

Crafty Woman: The upstairs bathroom in our current home. (Pictures to come for this as well.) Everything needed to be torn out, carried down a stairway, and heaved into a dumpster.  In the winter. Then we had to heave all new fixtures INTO the house, and up the stairs.  Think about carrying a toilet and a bathtub up a flight of stairs!  During the project when everything was ripped out, we had to go DOWNstairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I hated that!  Runner up: Renovating the one and only bathroom we had in our first house.

Easiest renovation project: Uhhhh…we’ll get back to you on that one.

Handy Man’s favorite room reno: The kitchen in our second home, because it was so difficult.  (He said something about it being “rewarding.”)

Crafty Woman’s favorite room reno: The above-mentioned upstairs bathroom in this home.  More relief than rewarding, for me, I think!

Happy Anniversary to my Handy Man!

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