We recently ordered wood pellets for our stove for the winter.  We talked my brother into coming over to help us bring them into the basement.  I didn’t get any pictures of them working, but here’s a picture of the ginormous piles:

I hate to think about it, but we’ll probably be turning this thing on within a month…ugh!  We do love the feel of the heat from the pellet stove, but I hate to think about the approaching cold.

Here’s a picture of the stove in action last winter.  It’s actually kind of pretty when it’s running.  The heat just feels so much warmer than our baseboard heat.  We bought this stove when the cost of oil went crazy-high.  Even though the cost of oil has gone down, the pellets are still less expensive than oil.

You can check out this link that I wrote last year for some ideas on how to conserve heat in the winter.

What type of heat do you use in the winter? (If you have to use heat at all?!)  Do you have it ready yet?