This was a nice, quick project that I’ve been meaning to work on for ages now.  I know this isn’t a bad “before”, but it was getting hard to find things in this drawer.  We call it the phone book drawer, but I decided to toss the phone book into recycling.  We never use it anymore; if we need a phone number, we look it up on the internet.

The pink flowered book holds our phone numbers for friends and family.  Yes, I still use a paper phone book for that. 🙂

I sorted through the pens, and bought two small plastic containers to corral everything.  I put scissors in the drawer because I always seem to need them.  I also put a small pencil sharpener in there, since Handy Boy always seems to need one when working on his homework.

I had been meaning to organize this drawer, but I kept forgetting to buy the organizers!

Is there a small project that you have been meaning to do that would make a difference in how you function?  Let’s stop procrastinating and just do it!

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