I wanted to show some of the antique glass jars that we have.  We use them to hold our collections of white rocks, sea shells, and sea glass that we’ve found at nearby beaches.

I took these first three photos outside, since it’s so cloudy here today, and my inside photos were coming out too dark.

White rocks…

…sea glass…and even a ring that we found (can you see it?)

It will take us a while to fill these up, but I think they are pretty to put on a shelf or windowsill.

Since our house is new-ish, we don’t have wide windowsills.  This pass-through from the kitchen to the family room is the widest “window sill” that we have, so that’s where they live.  I think they would look even prettier on a window sill that gets lots of sunshine.  Our jars are light blue, but they come in other colors as well.  You can usually find these jars in antique stores for around $8 – $20 apiece.  Some styles and colors cost more than others.

Two of our jars are labeled “Atlas” and one is labeled “Ball.”  Jars like this are commonly referred to as Ball Jars, even if they aren’t that specific brand.  If you are interested in looking for more information about Ball Jars, check out The Ball Jar Collector’s Web Site. He has a huge collection!  He also shows Ball Jars in different colors, and explains how the different colors of glass were made.

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