Recently, my crafty friend Danielle said that she needed to organize her photos and scrapbook supplies so she could work on her crafts. I offered to go over to her house recently to help with the organization.

Danielle is very crafty: she makes cards, scrapbooks, and makes cute Christmas ornaments.  This idea that I posted in December about simple ornaments was from Danielle.

Danielle had been ordering photos online, but they were in piles.

She had started to organize the photos, but hadn’t gotten too far.

I will post more “before and after” photos of her scrap room another time, but for now, here’s the photo project.  She gathered all of her photos together, and started going through them.

After I left, she continued working.  She put tabs in between categories and sorted the photos into plastic containers and photo boxes.  Photo boxes can be purchased inexpensively at most department stores.

I am using my label maker to make labels for Danielle’s photo boxes…I ran out of labels (eeek!), but I will get them to her soon.

MUCH better!  Great job, Danielle. Now she can start making cute scrapbook pages again.

A few photo organizing tips:

  • Gather all of your photos into one place.
  • Go through photos and sort them into general piles.  It’s okay to pitch photos that are blurry or too dark.  They are not going to get any less blurry or dark.  I am giving you all permission to throw away crummy photos.  Really.
  • Use index cards or simple pieces of paper to make dividers.  General labels like “Wedding”, “School”, “Christmas” or “Kids” are OK. You may already have photo boxes or containers in the house, but if you have to purchase some they are usually only $4 or $5 apiece.
  • Put your photos into photo boxes with lids, to keep them dust-free and away from light.

Danielle and I love to scrapbook.  However, even if you don’t scrap, it’s nice to have all your photos together so it’s easier to look through them.

For more scrapbook organizing info: see this link for how I used my label maker to organize my scrapbook paper.  Also see this link about the table I use to store my scrapbook supplies.

Anyone need to organize some photos?

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