I love baskets.  We use them all over our house.  We have cheap ones and nicer ones, but there are baskets in every room.  Since I have organized under the first floor bathroom sink and my sink, I thought it was time to organize under Handy Man’s sink.

It wasn’t too bad.  I just tossed a few things, and consolidated everything into the basket.

Guys don’t have as much “bathroom junk” as girls do.  Well, maybe some do.  But not Handy Man.

I will use the plastic basket to organize things in the pantry, I think.  That’s a project (and a blog post) for another day.

I’m wondering why there is baby powder under Handy Man’s sink.  We don’t use it, and we don’t have a “baby” around anymore.  Yet, I didn’t toss it.  I don’t know why.  I think I should have gotten rid of it, but there it sits.  I think it was unopened..  But why is it in Handy Man’s basket?  Who knows?

It was probably bought in 2001…when Handy Baby was born. (ICK! Does powder “go bad?”)

I think it’s time to go back up and get rid of that baby powder.

Have you ever found something and thought “WHY did I keep this?”

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