We have a sage green couch that we bought when we moved into this house (late 2005).  Over the last few months, I decided that I wanted to buy some pillows for the couch. I felt like it needed a little “something.”

I looked in several different stores, but couldn’t find much that I liked.  I did find some nice pillows in Target, but I didn’t feel like paying $20 EACH for pillows.  No. Way.

One day, Handy Man came home from Lowe’s with some supplies for the shed project.  He also came home with these cranberry color pillows.  Just the size and color I wanted!  They have just the right amount of softness and fluffiness.

I keep forgetting that Lowe’s has some Home Decor items, since it seems like we are always in the hardware or lumber aisles.  Keep that in mind next time you are at a Lowe’s.

Upon looking at the receipt though, Handy Man discovered that he had been overcharged for the pillows.  They were originally $15 each, but marked down to $7.50.  He thought they charged him $7.50, but they charged him $15 instead.  Since we needed something else at Lowe’s (we spend half of Rob’s paycheck there, I swear), we went back.  We asked them to refund us the price difference.  The customer service desk person called to check the price, and they had been marked down to $3 EACH!  I guess they had been marked down even further during the day.  So we ended up paying just $6 for the two pillows.

I love a bargain!  Have you found any great bargains lately?  Tell us about them.

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