Yesterday, Handy Boy and I were in Rite Aid, and I saw a worker putting out some HALLOWEEN CANDY.  Yes, candy corn and snack  sized Halloween items.  Already.

I still have to buy Handy Boy some school supplies.  I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute.  Thankfully, the list is short, and I already have some of the supplies needed at home.  I think it’s a bit weird, though, to be looking for school supplies near Halloween Candy!

I’m not a fan of really hot weather, but I’m just not ready for fall yet.  We are having too much fun doing “summery” things.  Last summer in New England, it POURED most of the summer, and it really limited a lot of the things we wanted to do.  I think we are trying to make up for it this summer.  School starts soon, and there are still a few more things I wanted to squeeze in first, but I think we are going to run out of time.

Are there any home or yard projects you want to finish before back to school time (if you have kids?).  Many states have started school already.  Please write in the comments section about which projects you want to complete before fall really starts.  I refuse to believe that fall starts when they put out the Halloween candy!

There are several projects that I want to complete before school starts.  I need to order some photos for scrapbooking, do some actual SCRAPBOOKING, organize a few areas of the house, and put some photos of our old houses up on this blog.

Yikes.  I’d better get crackin’.