When I was cooking last week, I decided that my bin with spices needed some help.  I previously organized them by putting small labels on the top of each jar.  (I used a Word document, and just cut the labels out and taped them on…don’t laugh, this was before I had my label maker!)

I never liked the idea of having a whole drawer taken up with spices, like those specialty drawers…so I didn’t ask Handy Man to make one for me.  We’ve been using this cheap plastic bin for years, and it works for us.  The only problem was that it was difficult to figure out which spice was which; we had to lift each one up to see what it was. It drove me crazy after a while, which is why I added the paper labels.

I looked through this bin again last week and, yeeeesh! It needed help.  I tossed out some spices that were expired, added a few more labels, washed out the container, and put them all back.

The little plastic bags in the back are spices from a friend’s garden.  She put labels on them before she sent them to me.

This is much better! I just slide the bin into a small cabinet, and it doesn’t take up much space.

Do you have some spices that need cleaning up?  This is a small project that won’t take long.  If you store your spices upright like this, it’s worth labeling the tops so you can find what you need quickly.

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