Handy Boy brought home a big pile of school papers, notebooks, workbooks and art projects this week.

I just realized, this isn’t even the whole pile! I’ve gone through some of it already. Several papers are repetitive and can be recycled. Some papers will be saved for his school year scrapbook. During the school year, I put the papers I want to save in an accordion-type file; and go through it again at the end of the year. This is the final sort that I do to determine what I’ll save or toss.

Since I scrapbook, I put some papers (and his report cards) into the album. There are other items that I save in a large manilla envelope and label “3rd Grade.” I then put the large envelope into a canvas box I bought at Target:

This way, I don’t feel like I’m overrun with school papers, even though there are several that I want to keep.

One more tip: if your child has a large art project that is difficult to store, take a photo of it and keep the photo.  I don’t toss all of Handy Boy’s bulky art projects, but I just can’t keep them all, either.

Do you have any children’s school papers to deal with?  How do you handle it?