We went antique shopping again over the weekend.  Handy Man has been in the mood to look around in some shops that we haven’t been to in a long time.  We went to Antiques Alley in Northwood.

This goes with my original “I Feel Old” post from the other day.

I took more pictures of things that Handy Man and I used as children that are in antique stores now:

A rotary phone.  What color rotary phone did you have in your house growing up?  We had a light blue one.  I saw an olive green one, and a bright red one today.

A view master.  I put one of the little cartridges in it and made Handy Boy look into it.  He wasn’t all that impressed.

I also had a doll case like this one.  Mine was light green.

Do you recognize any of these items?