Handy Man and I went antique shopping in Maine today.  We had read about Antiques USA in Arundel, Maine, and wanted to check it out.  This place is HUGE!  It took us an hour and a half to go through the store, and we still feel like we didn’t even see everything.

One thing that we noticed: some of the items that Handy Man and I used as children or teens are in antique stores now.  How depressing!  Many of the items were invented before we were born, but were still widely used when we were in school.

I learned how to type on a typewriter just like this one.  It was heavy and the keys were hard to push:

An old globe, with countries that don’t exist anymore.

Handy Man’s family had a chrome bread box just like this one.

Remember these “Little Golden Books” with the hard covers?

Old Hardy Boy books.  These were mostly published before we were born, but I remember the blue bindings from our library.  We had some that looked like this:

I know that this one is ancient, but we both used a punch clock at jobs.  You know, with actual time cards and everything.

One thing we’ve also seen at antique stores are rotary phones.  We had those in our homes growing up.   Handy Boy saw a rotary phone in an antique store once, and said “WHAT is THAT?”  We had to show him how to use it.  He loved dialing and we had to practically drag him away from it.  We also had to show Handy Boy how a record works.  And yes, we still have some records left, and Handy Man still has a record player.

I feel old.