Here’s a project I’ve been working on lately.  I thought it would make a good Monday Decluttering Challenge.  I’ve been going through clothes and cleaning out and organizing some closets.  This is a picture of The Boy’s closet.  He has grown like a WEED lately, and I had to get him all new jeans and pull out some shirts that don’t fit.  There’s not much left!  I left a few long-sleeved shirts, but I will have to buy more of those in the fall.

Don’t worry about Handy Boy, we have stocked up on plenty of shorts and Spongebob t-shirts for the summer.  He is finally able to wear shorts, now that the weather has warmed up.

Over short amounts of time on different days, I went through the Boy’s closet and his dresser.  Each time, I had him try on a few things.  Of course he moaned and groaned, but it was the only way I could be sure of what fits or not, since he’s grown so much lately.  I put several items into bags for donation, and organized what was left.

This was a pretty easy project, since The Boy doesn’t have a lot of clothes.  Do you have a closet you could go through?  I think kids’ closets can either be a nightmare or pretty easy, depending on how many clothes they have!  If you have a large closet cleaning project to do, don’t do it all at once! Just do one section per day, over a week or two.  It will still get done, and you won’t have to devote a whole Saturday to it.  Place two bags near the closet: put donations into one, and put clothes you want to give to a friend’s child in the other bag. Ready, set, GO!