During the previous step, Handy Man dug about two inches of dirt out of the spot he was working on.  Then he placed a stone into that spot, and covered it with excess dirt to fill up the space between the stone and the grass.

Next, he used a small whisk broom to compress the dirt around the edges of the stone.  Then he scooped up the excess dirt, and used a push broom to further clean the stones.

Here are some of the stones that he finished.  I think it looks great already!

We have had a good amount of rain, and the grass around these stones (and in the rest of the yard) has really “greened up.”  Handy Man hopes to work on getting more of the stones in this coming weekend, since it’s supposed to be sunny and warm.  We’ll see, New England weather is so unpredictable!

See New Stone Pathway, Part 1 (posted on April 26th) for the beginning steps to this project.