Over the last few weekends, Handy Man and I have been working on cleaning out the garage, basement, and house.  We worked on it a little at a time.  The first thing we did was re-organize the garage.

After we first moved in, Rob had put up peg boards  to organize his his yard tools, etc.  That part wasn’t bad, as he was good about putting tools back on the pegs.  But, some of the stuff on the shelves, and the floor needed to be rearranged.  He also swept out some leaves, and lots of sand from our tires over the winter.  Rob threw a few things away, but put most of the things he wanted to get rid of into a pile to take to the recycling center.

More photos to come of the basement, and a few other spots in the house.

Have any of you started (or thought about starting) any house or basement clean outs?  Thinking of having a yard sale?  Are you making a donation pile?  We have a LARGE donation pile going right now. We have been taking lots of things to Goodwill over the past few years, and just when I think we’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff, we find more! I think it multiplies in the dark!