I think it’s time for another small Declutter Challenge!

This is a photo of a (grimy!) old fridge that Handy Man used in college.  We got it recently from Handy Man’s parents, and cleaned it up and sold it.  If this was in our house, it would have left here long ago, believe me!  We try not to keep things around for too long that we can’t use.

Today is the day to find an item that: you don’t use, you don’t need, or that needs to be given to someone.  Are you holding an item that belongs to someone else?  We all do this, at times.  Give it back!  Are you holding on to something that no one in your family can use, but someone else can?  Bring it to Goodwill (if it’s an item acceptable to Goodwill.  Ours doesn’t take appliances of any kind.)

Try Craigslist for selling, but don’t give out personal information, and for safety, try meeting in a public place for your exchange.  That way, you don’t have to give out your home address.  You might also try to put up an ad with a photo on your bulletin board at work, if that is allowed.  Another way to publicize items is Facebook.  I wouldn’t do this for every little piece of clutter, but if you have a large piece of furniture that you would like to move, post on your Facebook page that the first local person who responds about wanting it is the new owner.

I know that all of you probably have Just One Thing that could be donated, or given back to its owner.  Make it a priority to get this thing OUT, especially if its just ONE thing that has been staring at you for months (years?).  Today, or in the next few days, make arrangements to deliver that one thing to someone who could use it.  You know, that thing that is looming in your basement or home…that thing that annoys you every time you look at it!

What is hanging over your head that you could return?  Return it, and you will feel better.  It will prompt you to get rid of even more stuff!  Remember, you are not the storage facility for the world! Let someone else store it.