Kitchens seem to be the room in the house that need the most organizing. When Handy Man pulled apart our kitchen, I had to stack allllll of our kitchen stuff in another room. I thought I had gone through and decluttered the kitchen pretty well, but WOW! What huge piles! When the kitchen was finished and I had to move everything back, I took the opportunity to go through everything. Again.

I donated items that I could live without, and tried to put things back in a way that made more sense. One of the things that helped to store my baking pans was this wooden gadget, shown above. I had seen something similar in a magazine, and told Handy Man that I wanted one for my baking sheets and pans in one of our cabinets. What a difference it made! It’s so much easier to take out items when I need them. Handy Man even made the system flexible, so I could remove sections to make them larger or smaller.

If you have a Handy Person in your house, perhaps you could ask them to make one for you. Or, see if you can find something similar online. Even if you don’t have the best storage in your kitchen cabinets, try a little rearranging. Take out the contents of one drawer or cabinet, go through everything, and put back only what you use. Even the smallest kitchen can be a big decluttering job, so don’t try to do this all at once. Take out one or two drawers, declutter a bit, and put things back. You can work on it over the course of a few weeks, if you need to. Put “like” things with “like”, get rid of things you haven’t used in a while, and put things back.

Anyone else need a kitchen declutter?