Handy Boy has decided that he’d like help organizing all of his gazillions of Legos.  Impossible, you say?


This is just a mere portion of all the Legos that Handy Boy has, spread out on a blanket. To explain the excess a bit: Handy Boy asks for Legos for every Birthday and Christmas…he saves up his allowance money to buy sets…Handy Man gave him some Legos saved from when he was a boy…and one of our good friends gave Handy Boy some Legos when he outgrew playing with them. Handy Boy himself swears he will “NEVER, EVER” outgrow Legos, Ha!

Anyway, since Handy Boy is nearly 9 years old and asked me for help, I thought it was time to start organizing the Legos. Handy Man maintains that we will never get this all organized, so now I have to show him! 😉

We’ve started with some easy pieces first, the “guys”. We put them into these plastic containers.

The rest of the Legos, we are sorting by type into large and small Ziploc bags, for now:

We’ve been sorting for a few 15-30 minute sessions, so far. For those of you who laugh and say this will never work, a few thoughts:

– Handy Boy is a pretty organized, methodical child. He does like to sort things and keep his room fairly organized. He has gotten to the age where he wants to play with Legos almost constantly, but is frustrated with trying to find specific pieces. He is very excited by the few Lego sets he has put together more easily with the Legos that have been sorted.

– We don’t have any pets who will trample on the Legos, and Handy Boy doesn’t have any siblings. He does have a toddler cousin. I figure it will be easier to put the Legos away before she comes over, if they organized into containers, so I won’t have to hear complaints about “how hard it is to pick up Legos!”

– It could be hard to maintain order when Handy Boy has other friends over…but his friends are pretty good kids, and respectful, so we will see how it will work out.

Stay tuned to see just how long it takes to sort these, and what sort of containers we use for it. Handy Man and I have already looked at various inexpensive storage container at Lowe’s. I want to sort them into the baggies first, to get an idea of the amount and size of storage containers we will need.

Does anyone else have Legos around? How do you sort them…or not?