Today is the day that I’m going to share the mostly done, “After” photos of our kitchen. I say mostly done because while it looks just fine, there is one more area that we will work on as funds allow. More on that, below. (To see other “before” and “during construction” photos of the kitchen, you can click on the Before & After Category, to the right.)

Introducing: the refrigerator…which was already there, but now the side panel of bead board has been installed and painted:

Now the “false” front drawers that were under the original sink have been built, painted and installed:

This is where the sink was relocated to, and the window added. Notice that the dishwasher has been relocated to the left of the sink:

To the left of the sink area, here is where the stove was relocated:

The wall area above this section is pretty nekkid, and that’s where eventually Handy Man will be doing more work. He is going to build some upper cabinets that go with the bottom ones. We have ideas on how we want them to look, including: more bead board, and glass-front doors to show some of our vintage Fiesta Ware collection. You can see the bottom of a white shelf in this photo; we have been working on arranging some objects on two shelves above the stove, but I’m not ready to show those just yet. They are a work in progress, and just a “filler of blank space” until we can get the upper cabinets built.

Overall view from way back:

We are very happy with how it came out.  Anyone care to remember where our kitchen started from?

Neither would we.

Now…let’s never speak of it AGAIN.

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