At school, Handy Boy has to write letters to us to practice writing and spelling. I thought this one was wicked funny, so I’m posting it here. Remember, he’s 8. I’m typing it like he spells it, although his spelling was very good in this one:

Dear Mom and Dad,

When I got my report card on last Monday I got lots of A’s and B’s. My parents were proud of me and I was also proud of myself. A’s and B’s are good and I like those letters. This is also the first grade where I can get A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and F’s. F is the worst grade you could ever get! If I ever get an F on my report card……….I WOULD BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE!!! so that’s why I try to work hard.

I will post some more letters from Handy Boy once in a while, some of them are hilarious.  He’s a funny little creature…

Coming soon: Recipe for the BEST Christmas cookies evah!