Today’s post is from my first Guest Blogger, Danielle!  Danielle is a “Wicked” Crafty Girl, she is way more crafty than I am.  Her scrapbook pages are incredible; and she also makes crafty, home made decorations.  Here are some cute, easy Christmas ornaments that she recently made.  When I saw them, I told her that I had to show these on my blog.  You can make these with children, as long as they are old enough to be careful with the glass.

– 1 clear glass ornament
– paper strips (I make them about 1 in x 6 in)
– ribbon to match

Start by rolling each paper strip into as tight of a ball you can. (I pull the strip as I’m rolling it to keep it really tight). Drop each piece into the glass ornament and continue to roll each piece until they reach the top, leaving a bit of room to get the top of the ornament back in.

Add a ribbon to the top so you can hang it on the tree, and add whatever “bling” you may want to use. I kept this one simple because I am going to personalize it for a family member with a white pen. Simple, but different and elegant. You can also add self-adhesive jewels to the outside of the glass, or glitter on the inside for a little pizazz!

Thanks, Danielle!