I took a photo of some of our Christmas dishes. My mother and grandmother pitched in to give us this set one year for Christmas. It was from Bradlees, a department store in the Northeast. Anyone remember Bradlees?

Rob and I bought a few extra pieces to add to the set just before Bradlees went out of business. The glasses were purchased seperately at TJ Maxx, but they go pretty well! Handy Man bought the glasses for me for Christmas one year.

It says “Holly Yuletide” and “Japan” on the back of the dishes.

I’ve looked around at Christmas dishes at various stores, but I’ve never found this exact pattern again.   Not that I need any more dishes in the set…but in case I break something, I thought it might be nice to be able to find an extra piece.

Handy Man and I took these dishes out today and put them in the kitchen cabinets.   We store the Christmas dishes in quilted china covers, inside a buffet in the family room.  (I’ll do a separate post about the buffet sometime.) We put some of our everyday Fiesta Ware dishes away to make room for these.

Do you have a set of Christmas dishes?  What do they look like?