2008 Nov 063

I have started to get into reading a bit more, now that Handy Boy is bigger and I can take some time to read more than a magazine article.  We do have several books that I like to read and re-read…but I also like the library for borrowing books.

I used to work in libraries, so here’s a tip:  If your local library doesn’t have the book you want, ask for them to order it for you through interlibrary loan.  This may sound obvious, but some people don’t know about interlibrary loans.  You can ask your librarian to order a book for you from another library.  It could take up to a week, but the library will call you when the book is in.  Another advantage to this is that you can usually keep the books you borrow from another library for longer than two weeks, sometimes for about a month.

Another way for me to read books on the “cheap” is to buy them at places like Goodwill, library book sales, or yard sales.  I’ve been excited to find books that I’ve been “meaning to read” for just $1 or even just 50 cents!  You just never know what you will find at Goodwill, especially in the book section.

Or bookcase from this post has gotten filled up pretty nicely…but in the interests of keeping our book collection to a manageable amount, if I don’t like the book and/or I know I won’t read it again, I bring it back to Goodwill and donate it back.   We have a good amount of books, but not a lot of space for bookcases, so I try to keep the amount we have down to what we have space for on our shelves.

Do you collect books?  How many do you have?  Enough for one bookcase, enough to fill a small public library, or something in-between?